Fast Dirt Bikes For Kids. Schwinn Bmx Bike.

Fast Dirt Bikes For Kids

fast dirt bikes for kids

    dirt bikes
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    for kids
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360/365 My Family

360/365 My Family

This was part of my birthday gift from our kids…letting me spend half an hour with them taking some family pictures without them complaining and all that. We were finally all home together this weekend and it’s the last weekend Charissa is here before she leaves for Oregon so today was the day. Well, let me tell you its pretty tough trying to get a good shot of all of us together. Trying to get six people looking at the camera and smiling at the same time…you think it’d be easy once your kids grow up but it’s not. The tall one in the middle was a bit of a goof. And it was pretty nippy out today so that didn’t help as everyone was getting cold, but we did get one that will do, it’s not real creative or anything but it was too cold to try anything else, that’ll have to wait till the summer time. It’s amazing how fast time goes by and suddenly your kids are pretty much all grown up.

I think I'll give you a run down of who's who starting in the back row. Jocelyne is off to the left, she's in her first year of studying to become a nurse and is enjoying it. The tall one in the middle is William, he works for his dad and quite enjoys that. Charissa is the one heading to Oregon on Wednesday to work with kids and horses. Matt is sitting beside me, he's our youngest and is in grade ten and loves dirt bikes - though yesterday he had his first big crash so he's pretty sore but still braved it for the picture. Just the kind of thing a mom worries about and hates to have happen especially when leaving to go away for a week. The four legged gal off to the side is Black Jack, she'll be nine this year and is our faithful watch dog.

Five more days!

here's to the past

here's to the past

about 12 years ago, this is where i first learned to ice skate. every winter my cousins and I would come here and skate, we usually had the whole thing to ourselves. now it's all dried out and is a home for kids who go dirt biking and quadding. it's amazing how fast time goes by... I miss being young.

fast dirt bikes for kids

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